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Canine Unit

Canine Unit

K-9 Solo


K9 Solo was obtained from the Animal Orphanage in Voorhees, NJ. Solo prior to becoming Narcotics Canine for the Police Department was a dog wandering the streets of Camden, NJ.

The Narcotics Detection Team of Patrolman Michael Divito and K9 Solo, completed a 400 hour narcotics training program offered by the Swedesboro Police Department, Swedesboro, NJ under the direction of Sgt. Daniel DeMora Jr.

The narcotics detection team assisted numerous municipal police agencies not only in Gloucester County, but Camden, Cumberland and Burlington County. They had also assisted 2 Federal Agencies, 2 County Prosecutor’s Offices and New Jersey State Police.

The team assisted these agencies in establishing probable cause for the issuance’s of approximately 12 Superior Court issued search warrants for residences and vehicles. This resulted in the arrest of approximately 40 individuals, seizure of Marijuana, Cocaine, Crack and Heroin. They seized Fourteen Thousand dollars in U.S. Currency and four vehicles.

K-9 Solo was in service from October 1992 to when she passed in December 2000.




K-9 Brixx


K9 Brixx was obtained from Port Authority of New Jersey and New York Police Department in November 1999. Brixx had been trained by prior to us receiving him for narcotics detection. Brixx and I, handler Patrolman Michael Divito, started training in March 2000 with the New Jersey State Police and complete a 400-hour training course in narcotic detection June 2000.

During his 7-year career with the Clayton Police Department he assisted 8 municipal police departments, 1 State Police Department, 2 County Law Enforcement Agencies and 2 Federal Agencies. K9 Brixx assisted in giving some of these agencies the probable cause needed in the issuance of 11 search warrants for homes and vehicles. His ability in locating illegal narcotics assisted in the arrest and convictions of 33 individuals.

Brixx keen sense of smell located approximately 35 grams of Marijuana and 20 grams of Cocaine and the forfeiture of approximately $3500.00 of contaminated U.S Currency. With that said, Brixx had two very notable finds during this time frame. In December 2003 Brixx located 500 lbs. of Marijuana hidden amongst fruit that had been shipped from Mexico to Vineland, NJ. In January 2004 he located a package that been shipped via a commercial mail delivery service from California to Deptford. The package contained 35 lbs. of Marijuana.

K-9 Brixx was in service from June 2000 and retired in June 2007. Brixx passed in September 2008.




K-9 Andrea (Andi)


Andrea was obtained from the Seeing Eye Foundation in October 2009. Andrea was trained in Narcotic Detection by the Atlantic City Police Department K-9 Unit.

Patrolman Ed Hyder and Andrea (Andi), work as the Narcotics Detection Team for the Clayton Police Department. Outside of doing narcotics detection for the department they will perform demonstrations for schools and civic groups.

K-9 Andrea is still in service at this time assisting agencies in Gloucester County.





Complete List Department Canines, Their Handlers, and Speciality Since 1974.


Officer Canine Speciality
Officer James Sandelier Sequiola Patrol/Narcotics
Officer William Lindmeier Whip Patrol/Narcotics
Officer Richard Burke Thor Patrol/Narcotics
Officer Sal Ganci Duke Patrol/Narcotics
Officer Michael Marino Duke Narcotics
Officer Ronald Koller Skipper Patrol/Narcotics
Officer Gary Hansen Shadow Patrol
Officer Michael Divito Solo Narcotics
Officer Michael Divito Brixx Narcotics
Officer Edward Hyder Andrea Narcotics
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